Sounds 2018

Let There Be Light (Steven Ponsford) there be Light.mp3

Planets Rising (Nic Mills) Rising.mp3

Grand Russian Fantasy (Jules Levy, arr. Thomas Wyss / Cornet: Philippe Graf) Russian Fantasy.mp3

Lake of the Moon (Kevin Houben) of the Moon.mp3

Music of the Night (Andrew Lloyd Webber, arr. William Himes) of the Night.mp3

When Thunder Calls (Paul Lovatt Cooper) Thunder Calls.mp3

The best of Bond (John Barry, arr. Darrol Barry) Best of Bond.mp3

Ansage Ägi (Stefan Aegerter) Aegi.mp3

Macushla (David Mac Murrough, arr. J. Ord Hume / Cornet: Philippe Graf)

Circle of Life (Elton John, arr. Reid Gilije, feat. Dominique Heuberger) Circle of Life.mp3

Glow (Eric Whitacre, arr. Jacob Vilhelm Larsen)

Rood (John Ewbank, arr. Frank Bernaerts)

Up in the Sky (77 Bombay Street, arr. Stefan Fischer) in the Sky.mp3